NuvoGen Research, LLC

The company was originally started in 1997 with a focus on developing tools for drug discovery. This lead to our developing a proprietary genomics-based approach to high throughput discovery called ArrayPlate. This technology is now wholly owned by High Throughput Genomics, Inc, started in 2001. 

The original business model has remained the same: develop new technology or drug candidates, through collaborative efforts and with the help of partnering agreements that can speed development and reduce time to market. New programs are begun typically with the support of SBIR grants and with the help of past revenues to get to concept validation and beyond. Then we seek to partner or sell or license the rights to the program to a company that has the funds for further development and the infrastructure necessary for rapid market penetration. This has been very successful. An example of the success is the starting of HTG, Inc. which purchased our technology and is now publicly traded (HTGM) on NASDAQ

Development of the qNPA ArrayPlate technology was supported in part with SBIR grants from NIH (R43CA84874, R43AR48751, 44HD44142, R43AI51921) and NSF (DMI-9961034, DMI-0110472) and by a partner, SIDDCO, Inc. Importantly, qNPA ArrayPlate is not only useful for drug discovery, but it is rapidly becoming one of the most important tool s for clinical diagnostics. The use of nuclease protection means that the mRNA to be measured doesn’t have to be isolated from the source tissue. This is perfect for use with patient biopsies, which are fixed and embedded in paraffin for archiving. Biopsies taken from new patients to assess tumor stage can now be tested for expression of any genes of interest, and previously archived biopsies for which patient histories may be available can be tested as well (HTG, Inc.).

Squirt Washer. Along the way, we needed a better plate washer to help us do high throughput screening in high density microplates. The next technology, developed in collaboration with McGraw, Consulting, was a unique microplate washing technology. In 2008, Nuvogen Research gave an exclusive license to Matrical, Inc. to manufacture, market and sell the SQUIRT, a multiformat microplate washer. This was supported in part with SBIR grants from the NSF (DMI-0319656, DMI-0450448). 

Currently, NuvoGen Research has entered into a collaboraiton swth Lightsense Technologies ( Lightsense has developed a path-breaking technology platform for infrared sensing that will have a profound impact on how we analyze and monitor our environment. The Lightsense technology will make our environment “smarter” to save energy, and identify and measure sources of pollution as well as providing new approaches to non-invasive medical diagnostics and health monitoring. The technology
platform will be used to make connected, highly accurate, low power sensors that will form the basis for ubiquitous, wireless sensor networks, the backbone of the emerging concept referred to as the Internet of Things, where networks of sensors and actuators communicate seamlessly with each other to create a more interconnected world.

Our collaboration is to use the proprietary technology developed by Lightsense Technologies, Inc. for biomedical purposes. Our current focus is to use their infrared specrophotometer to analyze saliva from COPD and diabetes patients to diagnose and follow their disease. In addition, we are working with them to develop an electronic nose for using breath to diagnose several diseases sucah as COPD, Asthma, lung cancer, GI diseases, etc.