NuvoGen recently developed an instrument for washing unbound material from high density microplates. Drs. Kris and Felder needed a plate washer for microarray assays done in 1536-well plates - and couldn’t find one that worked. In collaboration with Brian McGraw (McGraw Consulting), they showed that an out-of-the-box approach to washing would rinse the tiny wells much more reliably than old designs.  The SQUIRT design uses a knife-edge stream of buffer sprayed across the plate and a stream of air to displace buffer from the wells. Development was partially supported by Phase I and Phase II SBIR grants from the NSF (DMI-0319656 and DMI-0450448). It is protected by a US Patent 7,516,749.

Nuvogen Research signed an exclusive license agreement with Matrical, Bioscience. to manufacture and market the SQUIRT. The washer is marketed as a generic plate washer used for microplates of any density and for biochemical or cell-based assays. It also remains critical for NuvoGen’s in-house research projects with high throughput microarray assays.

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